Parliament this week: EU-Singapore trade deal, consumer protection, animal welfare

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This week Parliament’s committees vote on updated consumer protection rules, a new trade agreement with Singapore and standards for the reuse of water in agriculture.

The internal market committee votes on Tuesday on an update of EU consumer protection rules. Included in the overhaul are the transparency of online marketplace reviews, protection for consumers of “free” apps and social media, doorstep selling and the dual quality of products. Committee members also vote on new motor insurance rules, which aim to provide better protection to road accident victims.

Animal welfare is on the agriculture committee’s agenda for Wednesday with MEPs expected to call for better enforcement of existing EU rules on the transport of animals.

The environment committee votes on Tuesday on standards for the reuse of water in agriculture.

On Thursday the international trade committee votes on whether to approve a free trade deal with Singapore that would eliminate virtually all tariffs on EU imports to the country.

On Tuesday, the regional development committee votes on an overhaul of the rules and conditions for receiving EU funds in a wide area of policies including regional development, social cohesion, asylum and migration, internal security and border management.

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